Silence Lingers On

In this world,everyone meets that someone special. We are encountered by doubts, about his sincerity, his love. The inner tumult keep on questioning, and heart find rest in the memories we had shared. One is broken when he changes and leaves, and mind tell heart to smile again and walk with this world..... He manages but.....
Silence still lingers....

I walk with bare feet,
The strange tides passes on,
The waves hush and fade,
The silence lingers on.

There were many different questions,
There were many different paths,
I wonder the footprints of time,
Will bring me happiness or depart?

The stars of fortunes, that kiss,
and passes, away, far!
Its willingness or the want,
that blazes me for hours.

The shine and glitters of gold,
will not remain for so long,
So love, care and respect,
Forget fear and be strong.

The End

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