Silence is not Golden

My life works in wondrous ways, the ultimate give and take relationship.
I try my best to give back to the world around me yet I find myself consuming as the raging fire consumes all in its path; I wait for something to go my way, only to realize that that moments past.
I may seem collected in my thoughts, composed, even cool yet inside me emotions swirl and twirl more than a ballerina during a matinee recital, I am not the man that has all the answers yet people think I do. They ask me questions in search for the right thing to say but the words they look for are never articulated, never conceptualized in my mind.
How can I have the answers to their problems when my own problems have not yet been solved?
I have always been a listener not a speaker I always have and always will be, but I also have a voice the wants, begs, pleads to be heard.
Why do I feel like the forgotten one? Why am I the one that has to scream for attention then feel disrespected for it?
Why do I consume more than I create? Why do I care so much?
These are the questions that I ask myself everyday, hoping, praying that someday I will get heard.

The End

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