Deafening silence,
Pull-your-hair-out-and-scream-just-to-hear-some-goddamn-noise silence.
asphyxiating silence,
choking-on-the-words-that-aren't-being-said silence.
Someone yell, 
Because it would be more comforting than listening to nothing,
Somebody scream, 
So that I don't go insane trying to strain to hear the void.
The din of this silence,
Lethal silence,
Silence that has long since buried itself in my bones,
Pushed itself to flow through my veins,
Wrapped itself in my subconscious
Is maddening. 
I am silent,
Violently silent,
Masochistically silent.
My voice is characterized by silence, 
Only silence, 
Nothing but.

The End

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