(Sie Nicht) Heil Hitler

Written after finishing the great book by the name of 'The Book Thief', because World War II has always, and will forever will be, my weak spot. It may make less sense if you haven't read the book, but still.

(The title isn't meant to offend anybody, hence the 'Sie Nicht' which means 'They do not' but if it does, so I deeply apologize.)

Heil Hitler
the girl managed
like lies
to hollow hopes

Heil Hitler
the man brightened
like fault
in hollow folk

Heil Hitler
the Jews muttered
like fire
to hollow words

Heil Hitler
the corpses whispered
like wind
in hollow bones

Heil Hitler
Death did murmur
like souls
in hollow boughs

Heil Hitler
you shall burden
like woe
to hollow snow.

The End

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