We are a lot like sidewalk chalk. We have a face, a story, and a picture to show. But keep in mind, it's only temporary.

Heart, soul, and design is our mixture.

All drawn together to create our personal picture.

But it's a picture made of vibrant dust.

A product that creates each and everyone of us.

When rain drops fall, we bleed into each other,

More pictures are created when we exchange our color.

But we all face an inevitable fate,

We're fading, fading, fading every day.

We're fading, fading, fading away.

Your face, my face, our space in this place,

Will eventually be erased and replaced.

Let your colors glow my friend,

Let your picture show til the end.

You may be the "sight to see," the "talk," and the "trend."

But the fact is, we're all just sidewalk chalk in the end.

The End

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