Sickness, Happyness

This is a short poem, left kind of open-ended for each individual's own interpretation. Enjoy.

I grow weary of viewing the expression

Her form changing back and forth.

From smile, to smirk, to some

Wide gaping maw full of shiny, yellow teeth


Happiness. I see it everywhere.

Children the most. Newlyweds much the same.

Of course, anyone who isn’t happy

I tend to overlook.


Every time I try to ask,

They don’t seem to hear me.

Lost in their own world of bliss.

Laughter echoing the empty halls of my skull.


Then one day, I came short of an ephiphany.

A feeling of realization brimming on the edge

And she smiled, shyly and with a hint of happiness.


That’s when I came to know

That life is too short not to be…


The End

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