Sick City

"God is in the TV" - Marilyn Manson, Rock Is Dead.

Another night, another guy, driven mad from deprivation

Dies on the side of the street

In a pool of vomit, drowning in blood.

Scrape up the mess, mop up the blood

Or walk past, it doesn't effect you, life or death.

Unless they sell you it

In the magazines.


Another weekly issue,

Popstars getting rich on their "bipolar"

Disorders and anorexia that never existed.

Feed your addiction through glossy pages

Or cocaine, it's all the same

Unless it endorces your brand-name.


New gods are born from the ashes

Of incinerated dollar-bills.

Drug-garden leaves pave the stairway

To heaven.

Plastic surgery, pathetic house-wife thrills.


Hypodermic needles, jesus christ

Tell us how to live our lives.




The End

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