I'm not the life and soul I know
My presence may not even show.
I'm neither a raconteur or a jester
I stay in the background like an extra.
Might catch me in the corner of your eye
I am bashful I am shy.

Won't pick up a microphone and sing
Or dance around when the booze kicks in
So far from been the party chief
My words are seldom my opinions brief
Won't notice if I sneak off on the sly
I am bashful I am shy.

I struggle to click with new people I meet
Eye contact falters I stare at my feet.
Intimidated though there's no reason to be
As they try in vain to converse with me.
The outcast in me won't severe its ties
I am bashful I am shy.

Won't try and get the girls instead ill blench
Devoid of any charm or confidence.
Can't find the right switch to turn them on
That’s why my bed is a single one.
I doubt that I will marry before I die
Cos I am too bashful I am too shy.

The End

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