Shrinking Bubbles

Life is what it is.
We gotta accept it whether we are the master or the slave of it.
The reason is because we all, were born, will be born under the name of god of humanity.

“Look at me…I repeat…look at me…”
Fretfulness is my real-life master
He is my existence-controller
I am the slave of ‘obsessive’
‘Compulsive’ is my soul’s misery
Obeying the words and reactive
Repeatedly, create my own anguishes
I am a piece of broken mysteries.
Look at me
My head is going to be exploded
My heart beats; speaks of the heartaches
I hear myself, saying “hide and let go”
But I still stuck in days of errors
Out of control, I stop breathing
Wish to stop carrying this dying sun, tomorrow.
Look at me
My liver is exasperated,
Swelling like a gloomy sun
Spreading like those rainy clouds
My skin is changing; altering its own colour
Fatigue and fever, will catch me soon.
Look at me
My name is frozen in flames
My blood is charred in lethal rains
Running in my veins, jumbled
Whether I walk under the razors
Whether I deteriorate alone, in jail
Across this land of the downers
This heart careless of my nasty pains.
Look at me
O’ my corrupt master
Life with a broken heart makes me laughter
I am the architect of imprudence and dirty flowers
Without lovers, I invent my beautiful days
Creating new days for a dying sufferer
Gradually, I become a ‘heart- owner’.
Look at me
Sadness is my only song
Dreaming is my only dope
I supposed I sold my soul to the angels
But my mind is still slumber on the thorns of roses.
Look at me
They whisper in the dark while I laugh at the sun
And waiting to kiss the moon, good bye
Isolate myself in a dark room full with reflects
Seeking my own shape in broken mirrors; alone, depressed.

“Look at me…I repeat…look at me…”
They said, “Agitation is my only brother
Madness is my exquisite son
And Irritability is my divine lover”
They are the angels of my death too, I guess.
And yet, this is my only leftover
Vomiting on this colourless papers
Sharing about my ‘shrinking bubbles’.

The End

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