show me a way that i can love

give me the semblance

of a memory,

when all else is left behind.

save this screwed up mind,

forgive my madness

and chase away the hallucinations.

help my battered soul

to fly, or at the very least

stop treating me as if there is hope.

for i just want somebody

to show me love

in its purest form

where nothing is expected

and you require no compensation

for your acts.

i am a girl whose

brilliant brain has come undone,

leaving me with shreds of a former intelligence.

i have been told stories

of perfection tainted by wistfulness,

but that is all they are: stories.

i live for the illusions

of what lies beyond

and the blood that spatters the tile.

i embrace my insanity,

not shove it away,

and i seek who i am.

and i want someone

to see what is buried

underneath this guise of 

mental instability

for it is a powerful thing,

to call someone mad and to exert opinion over them.

so leave me in the dirt,

curled where i lie,

with a blanket of rusted blood over me.

The End

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