If Only...Mature

I can't find, the waves that blocked, out sunlight, familiar, abstract
Did I close your eyes in sleep, did I welcome the confused,
You're welcome now, every instruction leads to home,
Every breath just carrying secrets.

And I rest in tombs. Pressed (flowers)

I guess I, found home, a world that was familiar, seems abstract,
I brought home the sounds of the second ghosts,
And I've never dreamt so hard at home.

If only I could rest in tombs, unpressed.

I cut the cord and bite my tongue,
I drag the words and slip a note,
I brought home the sounds of the second ghosts.
You know who I am and what I will do.

Don't question my reason, I am just another person,
I know your sins like I know the taste of my teeth. 

The End

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