The regrets of teenage love...

I should have declared my love for you

In the middle of the crowded playground

You know you were shy too

So neither of us made a sound.


I should have kissed you

Under the cherry tree on your road

I felt as if I grew

While words between us flowed.

I should have talked to you

Before my Romeo & Juliet

Instead I flew

We knew nothing yet.

I should have stopped the calls

When you couldn't recognise my name

You were my only fall;

I was too far into the game.

I should have shouted at you

When you had to stare to recognise me fully

It shocked me too

To see a ghost from my old follies.

I shouldn't have loved you

Not the way I did

I give my heart to precious few

Not with a blithe eyelid.

The End

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