Falling Asleep

My nights are filled with endless black. Not because I am sleeping, no, it is because I am wide awake and my near-dead eyes try to grasp a hold of my ceiling.

I would turn on my tv, but then, that wouldn't help at all. I have to wake up early and I would get stuck watching the news that would not help me in the least bit with my predicament. I could play some music, but please, do you think I want to sleep with the idea of they made me go to rehab floating around in the weeds of my head?


I don't know how I will do it, but it must be done.

My eyes are adjusting now, I see the tiny cracks and pray that no spiders get curious. My fan is the only sound other than the random creaks and groans of my house and my own distant breathing.

My imagination is leaping from side to side as I try to close my mind for sleep. I imagine red eyes looking out at me or the ghost of my aunt Theresa smiling down at me, just paying a visit she would say. Right.


I have to sleep. I must find a way, I honestly can't stay up too late.

Oh, but I remember there was this show on tv and maybe I will fall asleep... no, I can't give in.

I am so close, my eyes are heavy, I think I may be falling asle--.

The End

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