Short Story Mania

Write a short story. Have fun.

The Woman in Red

Was she real? No. She was maya (illusion). She glanced here and there. And she stared at the young man. Stared with her deep red eyes. She smiled a dazzling smile and her auburn hair fell at her chest.

Her pale hand was then planted on the young man's face. She placed her red lips firmly on the man's lips. His hands gripped her waist. When he opened his eyes, she was gone.

Was he dreaming? No. He had seen maya. He had forgotten what he had come to this place for. He had been distracted. He had seen an illusion. A dream. Why had he seen an illusion?

The man looked about. There was no woman in  red. She was gone. She was gone. A hand was placed on his shoulder.

"What are you staring at?" asked the man's friend.

"An empty space," said the man.

The man stared and stared at the empty space and walked away.

The End

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