Shivers in the NightMature

This contains mature contents... you have been warned. ;)

Two pairs of eyes interlock in the dim light

His breath disappears at the beautiful sight

Her cherry lips curve as their hands reunite

Their hearts flutter in the bliss of the night


Soft pillows wrinkle under the unified weight

His eyes shine with a fervor that cannot wait

She quivers at the thought of what may await

Their bodies urging a need they must satiate


A finger traces skin, igniting rows of shivers

His mind lost in time by her flawless features

She gives in to his touch and all its pleasures

Their scents merge as one, lingering for hours


Ever eager hands roam and explore all over

His loving embrace hunts for a secret treasure

She wraps her arms around to draw him closer

Their bodies meet, lighting their skins on fire


Parted lips collide in a mix of heat and passion

His flooded senses surrender without question

She wiggles with delight feeling his body harden

Their patience grows thin under heated tension


One swift motion they are atop on one another

He yields unable to hold himself back any longer

She pushes towards him with untamed tremor

Their voices in the night is but a soft whisper

The End

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