I sort of wrote this to splurge my feelings after a breakup... she's on Protagonize and has written about me once or twice, thought I'd write about her in the same cryptic and broken fashion.

Marooned in a sea of melancholy,
Circled by sharks of malcontent,
I've been here twice before.
If I bit your pretty little heart in two,
You spat mine out in disgust,
It no longer tastes pure.

Was my short lived rescue,
Only summarised as a stop gap?
Your feelings have no bounds in their hypocrisy.
And so I write mine out,
With the same jarring enjambment,
That you employ so deftly.

I'm alone again on my island,
Our vows to commit are my firewood,
The only memories left to keep me warm.
Our differences are our undoing,
Or rather our own maturity?
A mirror could not betray our symmetry.

And so the sandy beach of loneliness calls,
No more shall my emotionless tears fall.

The End

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