Shining Light

I am that bright star in the night sky;
Shining my light on those who need it most.
The lost, the frightened,
They look to me for hope.

The poets, the linguists,
They look to me for inspiration.
The navigators and the travellers,
They look to me for guidance,
Hoping my light will lead them in the right direction.

The same light that brings inspiration to the millions;
This is also the light that consumes me,
The flames burning bright in your distant sky,
They were me, casting the ambient glow you love,
These are the very flames that consume me.

The light of a nation and bane of my existence,
The brighter I burn the closer I am to my end.
A tiger is most fierce before its death;
As will my light be.

So remember this my friend,
I am your hope,
and the brighter I burn to give you guidance;
The faster my demise but a worthy one.
To know I have brought some serenity to this world is reward enough.

The End

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