the next attempt to impart your truth to you...

Like stolen stares 'tween lovers' eyes,

Midnight blue in scudding skies,

Stars awash as velvet attacks,

Gleeful joy submits to darkest black,

But, Oh how the moon shines...

You are my moon.
So opportune.

Like forbidden tears upon each cheek,

Rain feels oppressive to the weak,

Captive youth resist and hum,

Tunes of freedom still to be sung

But, Oh how the sun still shines

You are my sun.
So good for one.

Like blinking and yet, still sensing brightness,

With eyes turned up tho' too long sightless, 

In dankest gloom, among grim remains,

Of precious souls, in clutching chains,

Chafe their last in Hatred's dungeon,

As Light so pure, on my young skin,  

Wipes the heart's recall of wrongs,

It's time to hum the freedom song.


Oh love, my love, you shine right through,

My dear, so dear, I reflect all of you. 

The End

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