Of course it was raining,

God tends to cry when he messes up.

Two eyes take cover freeing my face

Of any expression it is too solemn to force.

It is in this enormously rare serenity

Only a blank mind turns the lock

Where happiness has been put to a long rest.

Let the plan happen, it is already written-

Let life happen while you lay in taken cover,

In your foxhole, anticipation becomes taboo,

Expectations become obsolete-

Shh, quiet, this will save you when

The world is getting high. Shh,

What they don’t know is how sober they are

And how sober I am not after this:

An effortless touching of two lips

Fasten on to two more

It is too intricate, those two plus twos

For one heart.

Two plus two equals…

A blank mind and the heart becomes full.

He is still crying and the rain says Shh,

Thoughts are back, reality is revived,

The fastened lips were a misinterpreted story

One so unbearably sweet

It stole all logic.

Next time I am certain he wont need to cry.

The End

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