She'll want you to knowMature

i wrote this for my grandad after he passed let me know what you think... but its still a working progress

What you meant to her you have no idea,
How happy you made her,
And all of us here,
How happy you made her over the years,
She'll want you to know.

Now I tell you,
What you need to hear,
How much she loves,
When you were near,
She'll want you to know.

Your lovely smile,
She loved the most,
It lasted a while,
From east to coast,
She'll want you to know.

Now you're gone we'll know just how,
Much you loved her,
And till do now,
No matter what always togther,
You both knew.

She misses you,
Your dear wife,
You loving her,her loving you too,
Her thinkning of you and what you'd do,
She'll want to know.

This for you nan,
You have me around,
Whenever you need me,
And grandad is your man,
I want you to know.

You know its true,
As i wrote this poem,
That he loves you and i do too,
I'm always here for you,
I need you to know.

The End

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