She'll Fall Down from the Sky

A sonnet about a love lost long ago.


She’ll fall down from the sky and she will find me in a sad state

She invites “Will you be mine? Will you be mine?” and happily I accept

I look upon her angel wings and halo, her looks are very great.

Together we walk the fields of Elysium and listen to the fiddler, his fingers quite adept

His bow dances on the strings and her kiss kills my grief

The flowers bend to soak up her heavenly light, and the birds sing her songs.

Her voice is like Canens and never misses a note, it makes my heart weep.

Upon her cheek I lay my hand; it’s soft and warm and makes me forget my wrongs

I tell her that I love her and she gives me a wide smile and makes my heart soar

She holds me tight as I profess my love to her, fingers trace through my hair

She cries and tells me she must return to the sky, my tears begin to pour

Slowly she climbs into the sky, where her tears fill the air.

My heart shatters apart like glass, my one true love has gone and flown away

Deep inside I lament my angel leaving, but I know she will come back one day.

The End

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