When I Met Your Duck

The better you make it sound

The less I believe you.

An important date blinds my vision

As I try to wriggle out of the

Showcase of your latest neice.

I come for the coffee and not

the company.

I swill the mug as I swill your

Words without a second brain signal.


You promise me that it is worth it,

And the more I doubt it.

Your red buffont makes me want to wretch,

As the hairspray suffocates me.

The talk of the neighbour's sex lives

Leaves me dry and shrivelled

And my skin becomes paper.


I would ask you how you are but you have

Already told me.

The red nail varnish of this socialite

Is chipped, covered by a mist of

Charlie and Chanel.

I make an excuse to leave and

Think about the happiness of the clouds.

The End

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