She Whispers My NameMature

A sensual journey for Adults Only

She whispers my name
Caressing my skin
Warming my body
Calming spirits within

As I lay naked
Upon golden sands
The sun and the clouds
Massage with their hands

Cool and then warm
Are the shadows and light
The fingers of heaven
On my body so right

She whispers my name
Through warm summer breeze
Through the palms above
Large green hands in the leaves

As I dream of her body
As she touches me there
And I feel my erection
In the sun I now dare

I won’t open my eyes
I won’t worry who sees
I will lay here all day
And do just as I please

I feel her kneeling
Beside me in the sand
As she gently massages
With the palm of her hand

As the warm blood pumps
Through the veins in my skin
And my penis is throbbing
Gently kissed by the wind

She whispers my name
As she licks me with tounges
Of sea going mermaids
Who play in the sun

A multitude of fingers
All eager to please
Rubbing me with the nectar
Of the goddess of the East

And now as they touch me
And rub me with oil
My heart pumps so fast
And my blood starts to boil

Until at last the white spirits
Are compelled to release
When my penis erupts
The mermaids are pleased

She whispers my name
Does the Moon in the night
As the cool evening shadow
Smiles down with delight

The End

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