She Never Knew His NameMature

A victim of rape by a boy a girl loved.

That text message.

That voice echoing in that classroom.

What wonderful music it brings to her ears.

Whats the matter? I'll tell you.

She wears those coke bottle glasses

magnifying those green and hazel eyes

glisteing so enticing like glass

is it her hair?

The black and blonde highlights draped over her loving eyes

She loved this boy who everyone loves.

Athletic, tall, smart, smooth.

Those words sent over a note, 

landed infront of her face

"I love you" from him, her life shook.

She didn't even know his name,

but the thing his he knew her.

He asked her to dinner that night.

She cut her hair and showed her beautiful eyes for the first time.

wore a short blue dress because she wanted "sexy" to be her name

G-string and condom in hand because she had a plan for the game

That night she left hurridly,

She sat down at that dinner table

fork in hand, spaghetti between her lips, she was vegetarian.

that boy put his hand on her lap and whispered "I love you to death"

She leaned closer and kissed his soft lips this led to sex.

Atleast that's what she wanted

He took her to his car and drove her to her house.

Parents asleep

Door opens and feet sneaked

She turned her face towards the bed and moments later

a fist to her head.

Duct tape over her lips and attempts to scream

as he grabbed her hips.

"This is what you wanted"

she fights back only attacked by jab after jab

she never had a chance, he coaxed her into love

love she did not know of.

She passed out from the pain only awakened

by the stain of her own blood and a knife, cut into her stomach

as if her tombstone was being engraved in front of her eyes

She didn't even know his name.

Her green hazel eyes looked at him blankly

A tear finds itself down her face

Her fingers grow cold from the chill that hugged her with a loving embrace

still in that blue dress she loves so dearly

condom on the floor and the window sill open.

That was the night before her prom and her heart was stolen

Thing was, she never knew his name.

But thousands of other men & women know his name

His name was rape and he loves everyone to death.

The End

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