She Killed Herself

The day she died was unerring and beautiful
I could already see God’s hand on her shoulder
If I’d have known, I would have told her
what she needed to hear... but would she listen anyway?

It will never be forgotten in my lifetime
I was snared by the devil in a blind adoration
She claimed my morality as her own
and brushed it aside, leaving me to die

She killed herself

She never confessed any hopes of desertion
maybe in the foolish scorn of a martyr
Every death of my own was nothing to her
But her death meant so much to me

Now I see you for what you really are
scared of action but not chained to guilt
Crucifixion can never lead to a reprieve
you were never fit to wear the crown of thorns

She killed herself

I never knew such beautiful emerald eyes
could hold such a cold, empty stare
Farewell is such a bitter word
but I wasn’t even worth that

I can see the eloquence of self destruction
but only through my own excess
When you closed your eyes
the whole world stood still

Everything changed

The End

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