She Is LifeMature

Treats me like shit.

Despite how hard I work.

Dilemmas on a daily basis,

And I still get treated like dirt


No sympathy, empathy,

of any kind.

Just numbness.

Through build and design.


My life’s a bitch.

But you know nothing about her.

The incurable itch,

But life wouldn’t be the same without her.


She’s the masochistic maim.

To my sadistic heart.

Call it one of life’s delusions,

But I’ve loved her from the start.


Sometimes. She pushes me too far.

But only to remind me how far I can go.

Thing is…I enjoy the pain

Something she doesn’t know.


Now, I stand tall, and proudly.

With bulky shoulders to hold the worlds weight.

Made strong enough to fight off fate,

And the daemons that chase me.

Born a boy by nature,

Made a man by life.

Weakness turned into strength,

Through harsh toil and strife.

The mistress that controlled me.

Has fallen to her knees in defeat.

Fight your battles, never break,

And join the world of the elite.


High up on the mountain top.

Where the air is thin and fresh.

We overlook those that suffer.

And wait for the weak to become the best.


Ryan Smith – 17/02/11

The End

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