she is beautiful.Mature

something I made for a special person in my life. You know who you are. You are beautiful

There is a girl I know, at such a young age of 15.

She cuts herself because she does not feel pretty,

She is beautiful.

Bullies call her fat, a slut and a whore.

They don't know she starves herself to feel pretty,

She is beautiful.

She cries in her bed, wanting to end her life.

Names hurt, but ugly hurts worse,

She is beautiful.

Her life spirals downwards as the names and insults get worse.

She tried to kill herself the other day because she felt so ugly,

She is beautiful.

She lost all hope that life gets better.

That she thinks no one will find her pretty,

She is beautiful.

She plans on trying to kill herself again.

Believing no one will be there for her because she is ugly,

She is beautiful.

One day I hope she will start to believe.

That her life has meaning and she is more than pretty,

She is beautiful.

The End

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