She Is An Angel

A poem about a suicidal girl.

Tears slid off her cheek

Their words hurt so much she could not speak.

A wave of shame as she brought a blade to her wrist-

There must be a better life than this!

She wept for herself as no one else would.

Blood dripped from her wounds as she slowly stood.

Yes, there must be a better life out there,

Out there in this world somewhere.

There must be someone who cares,

There must be; it's only fair!

She deserved love, didn't she?

Cleaning the cuts with a whimpering plea,

She begged, "O dear Lord, have mercy on me!

"For I am but a lonely soul,

and I have nowhere to go."

She wiped her tears dry,

the skin raw around her eyes,

And she cut all her hair

In an act of despair.

She needed help but help is not what she wanted,

She needed safety when at night she was haunted

By the memories of her past.

The ghosts danced around her slow but fast.

"Dear Lord, O Lord, have mercy on me,

"Please help me, Lord, and save me from me."

She laid in bed

And in bed she bled.

After dark had turned to light

She dressed herself with deep contrite.

She walked alone, all by herself,

When an angel saved her from her living Hell.

He said he loved her, and told her he cared

He told her not to be afraid, he was right there.

He held her hand and spoke her tale of woe

Saying, "Through no more pain you'll go!"

She had been saved, now she was free

To be a child and be happy.

She took a deep breath,

And he promised her they'd see eachother again.

Then she spread her wings and jumped into the sky,

And an angel herself, she began to fly.






The End

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