She Has A Name

I'm still kinda fuck@&ed up right now.

Every time I walk in the court room

They rattle off numbers

"Case number JV009855, hearing set today"


I gave her a name the second I laid eyes on her

Skylar Maxine

And she's beautiful, if you'd just look at her

She's not some doll to be passed around to whoever will keep her from me

She's my baby, my life, the thing keeping me sane

Because if I lose her, I'll lose myself

And I'll lose sight of everything else

Every bottle of Jack will be the next best thing

Every hit that I take will be a reason to go

Off the deep end and I don't wanna know

What I'll do if I lose you, baby

Mommy loves you, baby

And I'll be damned if I let you forget her name

It's S-K-Y-L-A-R

Remember that next time I come in

Say her goddamn name

Because that might be all she has left of me

The End

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