She Disappeared

and she rode, softly healing the darkness inside of her,

hoping the trees would take her and the sky would watch over her.

beauty knew only truth could hope

and she watched carefully as the flowers withered and died

the sky lost its color, the books were only empty pages,

windows led nowhere and life no longer lived.

and all her faith faltered when she realized

that she had done this.

she had turned the world into an empty void,

only she lived

only she watched.

it was nothing but a black sphere,

for her darkness overcame and she was killed

by the one who had controlled her – herself.

and her soul floated away,

not to hell nor heaven,

but the unknown place that was lost. because she had a sliver

of faith left inside.


the last God saw of her was that tiny bit of faith,

but she turned on it,

and disappeared.


The End

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