She Cries

They often say, to shed tears is a sign of weakness, that it means you are not strong. Yet they do not know just how wrong they are, when pain plays its own tune in the form of a sorrowful song.

She set there, her heart pounding with fear,
As the tears force their way out, because pain and sorrow is what life is all about.
A kindred spirit has turned to mute, when loneliness is heard in a tune of a beautiful flute.
She finds comfort in a song, that makes everything not seem so wrong.


But her pain grows, and all the emotions of a broken melody flows.
Belief in her self becomes a dream, when all is gone and nothing is what it seems.
So she cries in the middle of night, because she hasn't the will to continue to fight.
She rocks back and forth when her body shakes, as all her composure slips and breaks.


Her mind is empty except the memories of a scarred life, scars cut so deep, that there's nothing left to keep.
She breaks down in a fit of sobs, eyes closed as her chest becomes tight.
Unsure of her existence, questioning what is wrong, what is right.


So she continues to cry because in her world, doves don't fly.
She is an outcast in a world she's bound to, it is a heartbeat that can never be found.
Her wings clipped as she falls, and she knows not even heaven will call, when all is said and done.

The End

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