She and I

Some of the thoughts that I had in my mind that i needed to jot down.

I wander when the world went cold and bitter.

She used to love me, and kindness is what I would give her.

Until the day she turned her back on me.

And I don’t know how I ever did forgive her.

I’d give it my all, but my hearts not fully there.

Tragedies in life, my friend, I’m well aware.

I’ll pay my dues to those who deserve it.

Fighting with you still isn’t worth it.

Our relationship was perfect before this,

I won’t lie, I’m starting to get nervous,

That all you will ever do is push me away.

And yet I was there for you every single day.

Listening to all the words you never said,

I tried to keep it alive, but our relationship is dead.

All I do is build up stress In her,

Please don’t mind me, I’m just a visitor.

Once I have the chance to move along

I am going to take it, don’t take me wrong.

But even being here doesn’t feel like home.

I only feel at peace when I’m alone.

Take me back to the rock, the solid stone.

And places I’ve been that I’d never own.

The End

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