What can I say? I'm a feminist :-)

She stands at the hem,

Of the lives of the numerous souls,

Burdening the planet,

In turn lifting the burdens from shoulders,

To shoulder them on her own,

Yet she is hit,

Harshly with daggers dipped in the poison of judgement,

She's hurt and left with wounds not only physical,

But gaping mental ones too.

She takes it all, gives it ear,

But walks on, seeking to love us,

And let us know we are loved,

Her compassion is not bought,

With frisky notes or meaningless coins,

She gives all she does for free,

Nothing asked for in return,

She is the mother,

Whose love fills us with unlimited joy,

Whose hand feeds us,

And arms protect us from the world unknown.

She is the teacher,

Whose smile and words teach us,

Lessons for time unlimited,

She is the sister,

Who is our playmate at home,

And our inspiration for life,

She is a friend,

Who takes blame for your wrongdoings,

With no second thought or judgment,

She is an integral part,

A need for the universe to run,

Without whom all will stand still,

Without whom all will be lost,

She is caring,

She is loving,

She is comapssionatem

She is woman. 

The End

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