shattered notions of ragnarok, revelation, rebirth

this probably doesnt make sense jesus

find something within yourself
that allows you to care. 

because everyone has a hidden sadness
they tuck inside of themselves, 
never let see the light of day, 
never show to anybody else. 

it's there inside all of us, 
coiled tight and waiting for the day
when we can no longer cage it tight, 
when i leaps out, 
slithers through our teeth like we will not notice

and dig its claws into our gums, 
holding our lips apart as it emerges, 
embers burning out on a breeze
to let the smoke climb up, up, up

because there is always and 'if', a 'but', 
something to tell us that we are not ourselves, 
(kill your gods, do not repent)
and that our humanity is failing, 
slinking away into the shadows

unwitting souls wander, 
let their hands trail over the skin of this earth,
sinking into soil that swallows us all whole

and this will not become what you think it will, 
this isn't something you plant and watch grow, 
this is something you must scorch the dirt to cultivate, 
set the world to flame and watch it burn

because i am embers
and you are a forest fire
and we will never co-exist
and we will never meet. 

when the water comes, 
we will be gone, 
and i will not regret it. 

The End

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