Shattered Dreams

I wrote this out of the blue when I came home after school. I think it's just exam-nerves getting to me though school has nothing to do with the content of this piece. It feels incomplete to me but I don't know how to continue it so for now, this is it. :)

There are times when I don't know what to say

Words fail to come out

My life falling apart

Shattered pieces of a dream lost

I can't recover

Too deep, I am

In all I suffer.

Trying to show

An outer face

When all that's inside

Is out of place. 

I run


Losing breath

But pushing myself 




I have to achieve

All I can.

To become,

the potential of who I am.

I won't hide.

I won't stop without a fight.

Picking up the bleeding pieces

Creating a vision of hope

For this is my dream:

To be. 

The End

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