Car GoesMature

Inspired by 'Cargoes', by John Masefield - a poem I remember fondly from primary school.

Japanese Toyota car from distant Essex;
Driver having trouble reading French road signs;  
With a cargo of bottled ale  
And cans in six-packs,  
Blonde beer, alcopops, and cheap red wines.

Stately Ford Mondeo coming from the Carrefour,
Cruising back to Calais Port in the slow lane,
With a cargo of Kronenbourg,  
Stella Artois,  
Hoegaarden, and Grolsch and Becks and Castlemaine.

Dirty Stena ferry with a grime-caked funnel,
Butting through the Channel in the hot June sun,  
With a cargo of bargain booze  
In cars and white vans,  
Stocking up for barbecues and summer fun.

The End

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