Shall I Compare Thee to the Kama Sutra?Mature

Dirty poem :) with an obvious inspiration. Enjoy!

Shall I compare thee to the Kama Sutra?
The Book of Love, by any other name.
Thou art more reasoned, and less paedophilic,
Plus compared to you, the Kama Sutra's tame.

Too much the book ignores the 'filthy pleasures'
And calls corrupt the women who like cock.
For though a woman's yoni is a treasure,
The sucking of a lingam shan't be mocked.

And beating me about the face is grand,
And mark me with your nails, please, I insist,
But other things can be done with your hand,
And everybody's privates should be kissed

And the Kama Sutra skips right over bondage,
And it never even talks about your fist!

The End

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