Shall I Compare Thee to a Fine Winter's Dusk?

Shall I compare thee to a mid winter's dusk?
Where the wind and the snow whirle all around us?
And to the moon can we glance, and in it's reflection lie, let our love scream tall and into the night.

Shall I compare thee to that grand winter's dusk
where the two of us shall hold one another till light.
And for ever more shall we remember this time,
Where we passionately kissed and said our goodbyes.


(Mad props to Shakespear's "Shall I compare Thee to a summer's day?" of which I clearly got inspiration from. Not only that, but I just reworded the first line a bit. I Invite you to take one of his sonnets or such and perhaps make it your own! It's a lot of fun, I swear!)

The End

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