Today is the 11th memorial day of my very good friend's baby- Shalhevet, who was murdered by a sniper in Hebron.
I wrote this two years ago.
May her name never be forgotten.



A baby of love and happiness she was

Bearing the flammable name of light

Laughter and giggle, grace and innocence

Only good lights the heart at her sight.


A baby of purity and softness she was

To her loving parents- a jewel in the crown

Exhibiting cheerful childish pleasantness

Reflecting only well upon our small town.


A baby of total devotion she was

 raised in the city of our forefathers

Crawling on the holy and harsh soil

Unaware of the evil that gathers.


A baby of everlasting eternity she is

Cruelty and hatred are to take the blame

For she has left us for the time being

Forever will she be light and flame.

The End

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