Shakespeare Was Wrong.

They say love given unsought is best,

but yours, it definatly out-shined the rest.

We fought a war, I'll admit,

but I think I loved you quite a bit.

My attempt of revealing my heart went wrong.

I tried to show you it in every song.

My words got caught up in my fists,

now the story's told on my wrists.

I pushed you out so many times,

I thought you were late to say goodbye.

I warned you at once I was damaged goods,

I hid the scars under my hood.

They said I was far too good for you,

although this might be long over due,

I knew all along I was the beast.

But regardless you tried to wash my feet.

I know I always kicked you away,

but I never expected your heart to stray.

Here I am, with all that I am,

with the crumpled pieces of love in my hands.

If you were dead this wouldn't be as tough,

when I see you my iron heart rusts.

The End

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