Give it to me now please.

Do it. Gimmie the pen. The highlighter.

Shine your light on me. Dig around.

I'm your record shop. Sift around.

Shine: "patience". Shine: "how to pay bills on time".

Dog ear that page in me. Use your pen.

Read what you lit in me. Read:

"scared I'm not enough for you".

Read: "I'm not scared enough for you". Read:

"I'm not enough for you to be scared".

See those pink marks in me? That was Other Guy.

Older Guy. Read his stuff too. Save us both time.

I'm not that recreational. I make you hard. I make you soup.
I twist that knife in your back. But I ain't put it there brotha.

My mind is messy 'causa you. 

You leave socks and boxers through it.

Break tips of shortcomings off in it.

What mark does that make in you? What color ink? 

Dig around. Shine: "culpable".

Shine: "All I got's a hammer". Shine:

"everything looks like a nail".

The End

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