Poem 11: Forever and Always

The next few hours were some of the best of my life
Or was it days? I can't tell and I don't mind
I was with the love of my life
It doesn't matter if iit's two hours or two days
It never feels like it's enough time with her

However long it was, it was amazing
All my fears and worries of us
Banished quickly as we talked
Did we talk about anything specific? No, not really

We just simply talked and talked some more
As two people who have known each other for years only can
Our words speaking volumes, our eyes telling epics
There were times when words failed utterly
But our eyes and simply being together took over nicely

Soon enough our epics and volumes turned to sagas
Our love for each other being expressed in words
But even with this our words fail to grasp
Our love cannot simply be described in mere words

How do you describe love? Is it even possible?
It cannot be done by mere words alone
It's like trying to describe one hand clapping
Love can only be experianced by a person
And in that experiance we each find the definition

Love transcends the normal barriers
Time and distance can have no effect
When true love emerges, nothing can stand against
True love pierces through the darkness of despair

It stops fear, pain and hate in their tracks
A child feels secure in a mother's arms
A kid gets a 'Well done' from a father
Friends help friends in love for each other
And lovers cannot be seperated by time or space

Should true love form, all the forces
Of this world and the depths of Hell itself
Cannot make a single scratch against iit
An unbreakable chain, an immesurable wall

True love is found in many ways
for my girlfriend and I, it was then
Being held in each other's loving embrace
And looking into each-other's eyes
It's all I can see in hers'; simply just love

Love, pure and simple
Even through all the pain and hurt
She has all the reason to dump me
But she doesn't... why? Because of love

Our love transcends the paiin
It transcends the fears
It transcends everything that comes against us
It surprises everyone anytime they thnk it's gone
But it's here and hopefully here to last

I almost cry again that night in her embrace
She speaks of her love for me and why she does
I look her straight into her beautiful brown eyes
I laugh and I tell her I'll cry if she keeps this up

The emotions nearly overtake me
The feelings of joy, happyness and love
But one of those feelings stands out
A force to be reckoned with:

The End

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