Poem 10: Let Them 'Eat' Cake

I enter the house and are greeted by her mom
I ask her where my girlfriend is and she says 'Upstairs'
Trying to clear the stairs in one leap, I fly upstairs
I check the first room but no success, just her sister

So, with a feeling of anticipation, I enter the next room
Success! She's there playing Xbox with her brother
She smiles at me and I sit down near her
She messes with my hair and tries to push me over
Is this her being mean? No, it's her just having fun

The game is over and we move down to the living room
As her brother sets up his Xbox, my girlfriend and I sit
The couch provides our comfy seating and we take it over
We joke around and try to one up eachother on the Xbox

Soon, dinner's ready and I'm interested with the choice
Lamb, I haven't had that in many years, at least four
I also hear about something else: Cake... I like cake
We begin eating and in maybe twenty minutes, we're done
But the food isn't over, there's still cake

While her mom prepares the cake though, the Xbox is fired up
We continue to try to one-up eachother and it's getting silly
We keep going but soon we're stopped in our tracks
The cake is ready, and it looks amazing

Chocolate cake with amazing icing and a grand layer of strawberries
This is not a cake, it's a piece of art that we're being spoiled with
We hungrily begin to devour the cake, but there's something going on
My girlfriend is taking some of my icing and smearing it
My nose is being covered with it and the prank continues

But her brother asks her a question and a plan forms quickly
When she's done talking to her brother, I get her attention
He turns her head back towards me and *SPLAT*
My piece of cake goes straight into the side of her face

The room bursts with laughter as she sits speechless
I sit there with some remnants left on my plate
My girlfriend takes some of the cake off of her face and replaces it
She goes back to the bathroom and I follow to see her expression
Once she sees her face, I cannot stop laughing

Her expression is priceless and I fall down
My stomach is exploding with laughter
She works out some of the cake out of her hair
I rise off the floor and get my just deserts

She takes her own piece of cake and smushes it on my face
Now I'm left standing there speechless
I troop back to the bathroom to see the damage
I cannot help but laugh as I survey my face
One eye is coated over, my nose is plugged and my beard is smeared

I take a large chunk of cake off of my face and try to clear my eye
My girlfriend is standing there laughing like I was but she doesn't fall
So, taking the advantage and having the last laugh, I attack once more
I return the favor and smash the cake into her face once more

Undoubtedly this is the most fun I've ever had with cake
My girlfriend and I laugh about how much cake we'll need
If we ever get married, we'll need maybe five
Two for eating, two for food fighting and one for a friend who face plants cake
The cake, now that I think about it, was more than just cake

It was my fears about my girlfriend and I up to that point
When we took hold of them together, our fears couldn't stand up
Our love for eachother 'smashed' through them and cleared them up
And the next hours after this 'fight' confirmed this

The End

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