Poem 9: The Show That Never Ends - Part 2

Just as I thought that my show would finally be over
I found out something quite annoying:
It's not done, I still have one more to put on
My family is traveling for Memorial Day
Our friends from the south want to cook out

But before we go there, I have a parade to march in
One of my last parades of High School
But I have to start my show here, no one knows
It's like the recital, I have a show to put on

But after it's over, I leave the parade
One of my last parades for High School Band ever
I recieve a text from my girlfriend, my heart begins to hammer
I read the message quickly and part of me is confused
I read the message and it fills my heart and soul with hope

It's an invitation to dinner at her mother's house
My mind doesn't comprehend for a moment, the slowpoke
But my heart and soul quickly tell it and it agrees quickly
I need to go to that dinner someway, somehow

I quickly fumble around my phone for a few phone numbers
I call my parents quickly, no luck, so I try the next number
I call my sister, she always has her phone on her
Mysteriously and oddly, no luck there as well
Is anyone there or have they been raptured?

As I race home from the parade, I begin to wonder
How can I get to the dinner that I've been invited to?
I'll be miles away, almost an hour and I'm not driving myself
I'll have to ask my parents even if I can go at all

When they arrive back home, I'm climbing into the shower
In a flash, I pull up the message that I recieved on my phone
I hand the phone to my mother with the directions 'Read this!'
And then un-ceremoniously run into the shower
In record time, I'm done with my full shower, maybe 4 minutes flat

I fly out of the bathroom and immediatly find my parents
I find out two things that nearly make me dance around the house
First: I wouldn't be driving myself to our friend's house
That, I don't mind, I could get lost very easily even with GPS

And more importantly: I can go to the dinner
This makes me wish I had the ability to speed up time
I've wanted superpowers before, but seriously now
But first, I have another show to put on
But hopefully it'll be shorter than the others

We arrive, an hour or so later, at our family friend's house
I see friends that I haven't seen in quite a while
We exchange hugs and stories, Dad shares jokes
It's a fun time but I'm not really all there, my heart is back home

Soon though, we exchange goodbyes with our friends
It was a blast being with them again and hopefully I'll see them soon
But I can't wait to get home as soon as humanly possible
I can't wait to see my girlfriend, the one who I love so much
So soon as we pull into the driveway, I'm out of the van

I slide into my car, which still lives, and head out
I'm racing across town and I don't know which wins
Did my body win the race? Or has my heart won before I got there?
But whatever or whoever won, I reach her mom's and walk in

The End

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