Poem 8: New Batteries

Usually, finding new batteries is not a problem
We need new ones almost every day
For remotes, phones, clocks, everything
But for a car? This calls for an expert
So my Dad and I head for a nearby Auto store

As we travel in the car, a wonderful feeling knowing its alive
We talk about somethings that have gone on
We talk about what I talked to my girlfriend about
He comments on it and I'm feeling much better

As we reach the Auto store, we stop our talk
Too many ears, too many unknowns
It's easier if we wait for later
As we wander the store waiting for the batter, we start again
I ask if Mom knows for sure, he says yes, another question down

He says I need to talk to her about it, that is a definate
But before we keep talking, the battery is found
We troop outside to the car and let the man work his magic
As the mechanic works on the car, Dad breaks off and talks to him

I'm left to my own devices for a moment as he does
I reflect on what's going on at the moment
I take stock of what happened earlier that day
My girlfriend isn't mad at me, she is still there for me
That is definatly a victory any day of the week

I'm broken gently out of my reveille
I join the conversation about computers oddly enough
Being one of the top computer guys at school, it's easy for me
I talk about setting the IT department on fire basically

I had been maxing out the computers at school
The insides had been slagging on the inside
The motherboards had been fusing to the graphics cards
So what do I get for it: An award for my excellence
This hilarious fact I tote around with a grin

Soon enough the battery is replaced and we're on our way home
But as we do head home, I think about what just happened
The car just got a new battery put in it, a new life
Is that what is happening to me?

Am I getting a new battery for my self with this happening?
Is this a recharge for me? Maybe it is
Maybe I needed a recharge in faith
Maybe this was a nudge from God in an odd way
Possible? Yes. He does work in very odd ways

Could it be that this is not a test from God but a lesson from him?
Was this supposed to happen so that I would learn?
Did this happen to save me from some deeper consequence?
God works in mysterious ways, this I know for a first-hand fact

The End

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