Poem 7: My Fears Are Gone

I return to the church that I sang at
The trumpet player's grad party has started
There won't be any sleeping here
I'll be too busy worrying about something

I know that my girlfriend will be there
The thought invades my mind and poisons it
It's almost all that I can think about
It'll be the first time since that night
That I've seen her and talked to her

My heart and soul are somewhere else
My body is there at the church
But I'm thinking of something that isn't there
Something that only three people there know about

After a few minutes of being at the party, I get a text
It's my girlfriend's father and the text starts chaos
They're on their way, they're not far away
I have only a few minutes to prepare for the meeting
Do I worry? No doubt that I do

Soon enough, after what seemed liked months of waiting
I see my girlfriend and her dad walking up to the church
I have to summon my control so that I don't go insane
They enter the party and my fears begin

My girlfriend and I start talking and it goes well
I can't see any problems between us, but we're in public
I have no idea what she's truely thinking, I can only guess
I look into her eyes, the brown eyes that I love to look at
I can't see anything wrong, no anger, no hate, nothing

We go through the party and everything is ok
I talk to her father and everything seems ok with him
That's two fears that are down so far, but more wait
Will they be calmed? Or will they be vindicated?

A plan forms by my parents, we're going to save the car
Its battery had died almost a week ago
Now it was time to save it and we had the tools to do it
So my family and my girlfriend's family move the parking-lot
It's time to see just truely what my girlfriend is thinking

She waits in her car as our parents try to jump the car
I begin talking with her and everything seems cool
But then her dad just about gets everyone around killed
He playfully kicks my butt which is hanging out the driver's door

I freak out and fly out of the car, not knowing what is going on
But I find out that it was just playing so I relax
I return to my girlfriend and keep talking to her
And while I do, I see a ray of hope shine through the chaos
I may not be so alone in the next week after-all

My girlfriend, as if to further the problems, is going on vacation
She is going to Florida with her mother and siblings
It will be a miracle if they return with all their body parts
It might not be pretty, but our phones would provide help

But since she was cut off from her phone
She would be alone to deal with them as best she could
It would be hard for her and harder for me
School would be out and I'd be completely alone
I realized, my girlfriend kept me mostly sane in my free time

But the ray of hope opens itself up for us
Her dad has permitted her to take and use her phone on the trip
And what's more is what she's alowed to do with it
I nearly cheer when I hear the news

She and I can text and call each-other for two hours a day
A ray of hope in the darkness indeed
To most, two hours don't seem like alot, especially to us
We can fill and entire day with hundreds of messages a day
But when you have zero hours to talk, two hours is two days

We begin planning immediatly as to when we're going to text
I'll text her on the first day that we can, I'll still be in school
But from then on, it's her call
And no, that is not meant to be a pun at all

But soon enough, our conversation is over
Her dad says that they have to go
So I say goodbye to her and she says something to me
'I love you' I respond in kind
It's the thing I've been waiting to hear for a day now

Her dad, in another moment of fear for me
Hugs me tightly and says goodbye
I'm not dead, just winded
But I'm definatly comforted by the love I just felt in that short time

The End

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