Poem 5: The Morning After

The morning after started the night before
I couldn't sleep at all and thus I pay for it
I woke up almost every hour on the hour
This boded well for the coming day
Breakfast with my Uncle, Senior Recital to follow

Only five hours after I go to 'sleep'
I have to drag myself to breakfast with my Uncle
Do I want to be there? No
I only want to be home asleep and nothing else

But yet, I agreed to do this before this chaos
Therefore, I go along and get free breakfast
Always a plus, if my mind and soul weren't broken
So I forge on and weather the storm
But the worst is to come

Later that day, I go to church
Not for a service, but for a Senior Recital
I'm going to sing and friend play the trumpet
But there's another part to this recital

The End

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