Poem 4: Amazing Grace

As I stumble in the house's office
I root around the Internet for videos
Of music that I listen to when I'm hurt
I find my playlist and I begin to listen
It starts to mend my broken heart

But there is one song that is missing
One cardinal symphony that would
Beyond a shadow of a doubt begin
The healing of my broken heat

So I search for it, and find it
A DCI band who played it
I have heard it before
And each time I do, it shakes me
My very soul feels the music

As the song starts, the music is very slow and quiet
It brings you in with intrigue as you listen
The masterfully played song works
Its way into your soul and heart

Then, almost a minute and a half in
My soul and heart explode
The song swells with raw and sheer power
The band, around 200 strong and nothing but brass
Slams all-powerful into my heart

I begin to cry again, my skin begins to ripple
Goosebumps riddle the surface
As I, in my defeated state, listen to the song
Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound
How sweet the question that man has pondered
How can something come so unconditionally?
How can something so precious
Save a wretch like me?

Amazing Grace is more of a question to me
How can I, even when I fall multiple times,
Find myself in the loving arms of a father
Who will never be angry with me?

How can I, who have turned my back upon Him,
Still find that Amazing Grace awaiting me?
How is this possible? How is this concievable?
What have I done to deserve this grace?
I have done everything to not deserve it, but it is there

But that's what is so amazing about Amazing Grace
It is unconditional, unfailing, always there
And He is always there even when we push him aside
He is always watching and waiting and loving us

Unending love, Amazing Grace
That is what is offered to us
That is what we have to look to in Him
And that is what I need right now

The End

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