Poem 2: Regret

As my girlfiend and I sit
On the couches that we have watched
Many movies together, we can't bear
To look at eachother or at her father
For longer than a few seconds

He's outraged, hurt, betrayed
By those he thought he could trust
But angry? That has yet to be seen
For I am not laying sliced open by a sword

As he talks to us and hammers us apart
I feel like I cannot breath
My stomach rebels and tries to show itself
But I cannot bring myself to do it
Even water's cool touch hardly helps now

As he talks to us and asks us questions
I feel completely and utterly helpless
My girlfriend is crying and I can't move
Without someone yelling at me

I'm stuck, trapped, helpless
As her dad asks if we know what we
Almost got ourselves into
I know, she knows, he knows
But no-one wants to say it outloud

Then he surprises me
A turn of events that shocks me
To my very core
He does not hate me? How is this?

He has found a person that he trusts
In his daughter's bed
Everything that he once knew
Is out the window possibly forever
And he does not hate me?

No, he says that we should not regret this
What has happened here
We should instead learn from it
And use this lesson for later

No regrets? Learning from this epic failure?
It sounds like something that a psychologist
On T.V. making multi-milions would say
But yet, here is a man I actually know
Saying this very thing with conviction and heart

He understands where we've been
He himself fell even harder than we did
At a young age, he found himself with a kid
His life from there was nearly over

He warned us that even though
We said that we would not go anywhere else
He knew that in the heat of the moment
There is only one way to go
And it is not the way that we thought

And now I am challenged, ordered, told
To go home and tell my father
Of what has happened here
Now I may know true fear

The End

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