About suicide and self destruction, Something we all struggle with, this is not for children. This is the truth, this is what these people feel. I have not drank before, or attempted suicide but... This is a part of my past...

They cover your heart,

They cover your arms,

You try and hide them all you want,

But your demons won't let you forget.

Others who you think care,

 Won't look past their own noses long enough to see your heart right there in front of them.

So your secrets,

Your skeletons crawl and bubble inside your blood.

And you cry, every tear like acid peeling away at your skin,

And you wipe them away so no one will see,

Because the truth is,

No one cares,

No one ever has, or ever will.

So you shove a blade into your skin,

Watch your hatred,

Watch Your pain flood from inside you.

And with every insult,

Every joke about you,

They tear out the piece of your heart that isn't bleeding out onto the carpet.

All they've ever done is pick you up and set you in the clouds,

Just to tear you down until you're just pieces of what you were,

Scattered across the ground to be trampled on.

Praying and hoping that maybe God will just kill you so you know for a fact,

That you actually are in hell.

And you reach for your bottle and drown your regrets,

You reach to the friend thats been there,

You give your alchohol a body to live in.

Give it a soul,

Give it a person to consume.

Until there is no you,

No there never was,

Your soul's long dead and burning.

No there's just a body left,

Swinging in the wind with a rope around their neck,

But at least you have peace of mind,

That when they're doing an autopsy,

They finally see the scars.

And your family finally realizes,

Just how much their words and actions,

Really 'helped'.

But what you never saw was the one you prayed to,

The one who gave up everything, the one who made your heart and has always seen how fragile it is.

The one who's heart was broken and crushed in lamentation,

As he watched his child die in his arms,

The one who had to watch as your last breath exited your body.

The one who had to watch the shadows overtake your heart.




The End

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